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giant propel street legal motorcycles chopper
Pivot Mach 5.5 Pro performance

A two-word summary of the Mach 5.5 would be, seriously rapid. Up or down hill, pumping terrain, popping out of turns and pounding over rock and root, nothing seems to erase the Pivot’s pace.

The frame is über-stiff, to the point where it’s almost impossible to deflect off line through the gnarliest sections, and combined with the oversized tyres, the bike flutters and chops away at the ground for grip when leant right over.

Mach 5.5 pedalling prowess is ruthlessly effective too, so you simply don’t feel like shifting down, which makes the biggest cog on the 11-46t XT cassette nearly as redundant as the shock’s three-position compression lever. It’s basically as easy to stand up and smash up every climbs just to get it over with, then simply wait for your friends who are sat down spinning to catch up. This efficient streak sees you sprinting wherever you can sneak a pedal stroke in, but what’s really cool is that there’s little trade off in terms of flat-out downhill speed or security.

The Pivot’s slightly higher BB and sharper suspension means chuck-ability and ultimate smoothness is a notch below the Evil The Calling, but that’s more testimony to Evil’s freakish behaviour, than any negative reflection on the Mach 5.5.

The 140mm rear end rides tight and punchy so even though it has more travel than the Evil, big hits can feel a bit more hectic too, but this precise feel never blunts the edges off the Mach 5.5’s monster truck rolling speed or destabilises rider balance too much.

2017 newest full suspension electric mountain bike

full suspension fork
max speed 25 km/h
36v 250w brushless motor
36V 10AH Lithium-ion battery
full suspension electric mountain bike (2)


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